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Communication Tools

Bulk SMS – Text / Voice
SMS is the best and easy accessed tool used to communicate to the clients, vendors, subscribers etc. Its cost effective and measurable. The sms are of 2 types in nature Text and Voice. Text SMS are used for OTP verifications, Governments to pass the information to the public. In recent days we have seen SMS played and important role in election campaigns along with social media. The use of sms is categorised into two types Promotional and Transactional, Promotional routes are used to send sms to any unknown person to promote the products and service. Transactional sms routes are used to communicate the valid information to the registered user only. We do offer SMS services for all business needs of any size and volume.

Bulk Email
Bulk Emails are another way of getting new customers. But we need to make sure to use reputed company services as un reputed company services might leave your domain suspended for spaming. Sending a good emailer with all the products and services that you offer should attract the interested. The reading percentage in the emails is very less so make you send more and more emails with slow results.

Missed call
This is a handy tool to measure all you sms and other marketing campaigns. It helps you in capturing the leads and keep you track of each and every lead thats been registered. It also help you in building the data base for long run and to send the alerts on latest happenning in the company.

Cloud IVR
Cloud IVR is a Super Receptionist called virtual receptionist works as per the programme. The beauty of this product is it help you in traking the number of calls with recordings and help you in improving the quality of the products and services with their genuine feedbacks. This is also let you be relaxed to take calls or messages even in your non working hours. This solutions helps the small business to pose as a big and organised companies.

Conference is the service aviled by the group of people to dicuss in a single call. We have a facility of adding maximum if 3000 people in a single call. The solution best suits the organizations with multiple branches to conduct the meetings and access the live reports from the location. It also helps the staff to understand the updates happenning that would impact and improve the customer services.

Live Chat
Live chat is a service that helps in reaching the service provider directly. Other than Phone and Email support live chat has been trending sales and support centre for people who want to know details and get support live and instant. If you dont get any agent live you still have a message to be left that can be recorded for response. Live on the other hand help you in understanding the actual client request and fix them once for all. It also share us the report of visitors from, time spent, pages read, most attacted products and services etc.

Call Centre Solutions
Call centre solution is the best suitable solution for outbound and inbound call centres with user matrics like call logs, call recordings, recorded IVR for canned responses. It also helps in improving the performance of the team.